Carto - Lighthouse

In Chapter 9 of Carto, you are tasked with finding the legendary seventh iceberg. In order to do so, you need to find all six of the others, then solve the lighthouse beam puzzle, which is one of the trickiest challenges in the game’s main story.

But don’t sweat it; I’ve created a guide to the lighthouse beam puzzle.

The first part is easy. You have to find the monolith. I assume that if you ended up here, you’ve already found it, but in case you haven’t, it’s on the long end of this L-shaped piece.

Carto - Monolith

You’ll find markings on three sides of the monolith that help you figure out how to rearrange the icebergs. To look at the monolith from a different angle, simply flip the iceberg 90 degrees. Here are the patterns:

Carto - Monolith

Now, you have to arrange all six icebergs into the shapes illustrated on the monolith. If you follow the pattern laid out by the markings, you’ll ignite the monolith’s beam. And in case you didn’t draw all those symbols when you were near the monolith, here’s the solution:

Carto - Lighthouse Puzzle

Okay, so now you have to arrange the pieces to direct the beam so it hits the lighthouse. This is the hard part.

There’s one trick you should know that makes solving this so much easier: You only need three pieces. Yeah, don’t waste your time arranging all six pieces for 30 minutes (like I did).

Here’s the solution laid out for you:

Carto - Lighthouse Beam

If it helps at all to see the video of me solving the lighthouse beam puzzle in Carto, here it is:

Oh, and while in Chapter 9, you should also make sure to do the Frosty Friend Trophy (by building the snowman). I’ve got a guide for that too.

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