Carto Stirring Things Up Trophy: How to Behold the Legendary Flame Tornado

Carto - Stirring Things Up

In Carto, there is a Trophy called Stirring Things Up, which asks you to “Behold the legendary flame tornado!” This one actually isn’t super difficult, but the clue that the Trophy title gives you is a bit unclear. So here’s how you earn the Stirring Things Up Trophy in Carto.

This one can be found at the very, very end of Chapter 7. After you reboot the volcano and escape the lava, you’ll need to move the volcano map tile away from the tile you are standing on. It will then explode and create a plus-shaped tile.

Once this happens, you will end up in the hot springs area. Just climb a ladder so you are on the main level (not underground) and open your map. You want to find this tile:

Carto - Stirring Things Up

All you have to do is rotate this tile a bunch of times to create the legendary flame tornado. Once you do, it will be announced over the hotel intercom and you’ll pop the Stirring Things Up Trophy.

Carto - Stirring Things Up

You’ll also earn Secret Piece V. (You can earn other Secret Pieces by completing other Trophies.)

And that’s how you earn the Stirring Things Up Trophy in Carto.

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