Carto Strange Catch Trophy: How to Find Something Mysterious in the Lake

Carto - Strange Catch

In Carto, there is a Trophy called Strange Catch, which asks you to “Find something mysterious in the lake.” This one’s pretty sneaky, so here’s a complete guide to getting the Strange Catch Trophy.

This one is actually found in Chapter 8. Once you talk to everyone on the island, there will be a fishing tournament. You need to win the tournament to get the grand prize: the ocean map.

In order to win the tournament, you’ll need to catch four types of fish. Each fish is based on one of the child’s drawings, shown below.

Carto - Strange Catch

The idea is to rearrange the lake tile pieces to create each fish. Once you do, you’ll be able to catch a fish of that type.

But there’s a sneaky fifth fish that has also been drawn for you. You just need to look at the ground where the child is scratching at the ground with a stick.

Carto - Strange Catch

Now just make that lake shape, like this:

Carto - Strange Catch

If you fish in this lake, you will catch “something mysterious” and pop the Trophy. This will also earn you Secret Piece I (you can earn additional pieces of this puzzle by getting more of the game’s Trophies).

And that’s how you earn the Strange Catch Trophy in Carto!

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