Cyberpunk 2077

Look, I get it, I do, delays suck. Especially when it’s for a game that has already been delayed as many times as Cyberpunk 2077 has been. And even more especially when the most recent delay comes but a mere two weeks before the date we were told the game would officially launch (we were also told that Cyberpunk 2077 would not have anymore delays, yet here we are).

It sucks, I get it.

Heck, I just finally broke down and pre-ordered my physical copy when it was on sale on Amazon, and I now have a bevy of physical goodies that I have to wait three extra weeks for.

But in the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t matter a whole lot. Especially currently, with the ever-present threat of looming lockdowns, global governments grappling with a pandemic, exorbitant unemployment numbers, and people who just can’t be decent enough to wear a silly frigging mask for the sake of others, if not for the sake of their own dumbass selves. So let’s try not to do that typical gamer thing and lose our collective minds.

Let’s knock it off with the death threats. Let’s take a rain check on the hyperbolic woe-is-me-isms, boycotts, and temper tantrums. Please, in the name of basic decency, just cut it out.

Cyberpunk 2077

You can certainly be disappointed. You can absolutely be upset or even a little angry. I mean, I feel that way to some extent when things I’m excited about are pushed further from my reach. But we only have to wait an extra three weeks in order to play what I’m willing to bet is going be to be yet another genre-defining, game-changing video game. This isn’t the literal — or even figurative — end of the world we’re talking about here.

To put it into perspective, approximately 300,000 people died in the United States this year that might have otherwise been totally fine. Millions of people are without adequate sources of clean water, some can’t get enough food to qualify as not starving. Children are still dying of basic maladies like diarrhea, in America no less. Gun violence still rocks the foundation of our society — a society, might I remind you, that was built on racial inequality and flat-out racism and gender discrimination (and even now, it still functions to that end).

Although having to wait a little bit longer for Cyberpunk 2077 sucks, it’s a miniscule suck compared to even the next item up on the universal suck spectrum.

So please, just chill.

Or better yet, put all of that energy you might otherwise devote to complaining about a delayed video game toward something beneficial for humanity instead.

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