Genshin Impact

Since the launch of Genhin Impact at the end of September, the game’s English-speaking fandom has been caught up in a whirlwind of speculation. Suddenly, there was a flood of information available, with rumors that update 1.1 would do a whole slew of game-changing things, and that it was due out in just a week or two. Those tidbits were pretty obviously fake, but since it was the only information we had, a lot of people ran with it.

We do have somewhat official sources for Genshin Impact 1.1 information now, and what the fan base was hoping would be the mightiest of patches is actually going to be rather quiet.

Now, keep in mind that some of this information was translated to English by a redditor by the name of Zlunlu, but it allegedly comes from a post on the official miHoYo website. Additional information comes from this post, which was translated by redditor ItsRileyxD. I don’t read Chinese, so I can’t verify the accuracy of either of these translations. Bear that in mind before reading any further.

Also, these updates are on top of the beefier roadmap that we recently got a trailer for. I assume that the first of those updates (starting with the Inazuma region) is planned for sometime after the following events (perhaps updating the game to 2.0?).

Genshin Impact

If these translations prove to be legit, here’s what we can expect:

Update 1.1 is due out November 11, and it’s mostly a quality-of-life update. Features include:

  • The “Unreturned Star Off” event.
  • An equipment lock of some sort that prevents players for accidentally destroying or breaking down items they want to keep.
  • An encyclopedia with listings of flora and fauna found in the game world.
  • An scanner of some sort that helps you locate the Oculi you haven’t collected yet. Players “can get them for free through a new gameplay.”
  • A feature that lets you eat food without going into the game menu (keep in mind that the quote here says, “If it goes well, travelers of version 1.1 can use it!”)
  • Environmental overload damage will scale properly (it sounds like the current version of the game doesn’t scale environmental overload damage to the world level, and this should be fixed in 1.1).
  • A glitch related to Lisa’s damage output will be fixed.

Update 1.2 is expected out on December 23. This one adds the Dragonspine Mountain region and related events.

Update 1.3 is due out sometime in February, adding the “Lantern Rite Festival” events. The Sea Lantern Festival was initially supposed to come out much sooner, as it’s an important cultural event for the Liyue region, but these events were causing game issues that required additional development time.

On top of this, there were some additional things mentioned. It seems like these might be planned for 1.1, but it’s hard to tell through the translation if these were specifically related to 1.1 or if they’re just general changes to expect over time. I kept them separate from the features that are clearly intended to be a part of the 1.1 update.

  • More small events and social activities.
  • Adjustments to the camera, with an option to toggle off “the automatic adjustment of the viewing angle.”
  • Adjustments to how Hydro and Electro combine (currently, there are some bugs in how these elemental skills mix).
  • The lost XP when strengthening a weapon to max level will be returned to the player in some form. (It’s not clear if this change will be retroactive or not, but my hunch would be no.)
  • A report function to flag players for bad behavior.
  • “In subsequent versions, dispatch will not occupy the role. The characters in the dispatch can also be incorporated into the team and have a pleasant adventure with other characters.” To be honest, I have no idea what this means.
  • “There are also many issues that travelers are concerned about, such as customizing buttons, changing handle keys, etc. Some of the solutions and schedules we have formulated, please pay attention to the follow-up development group forum.” This one is a bit clearer than the last one, but it still seems pretty vague to me.

So this is the content we can expect for Genshin Impact in the short term. I already mentioned this earlier, but for a long-term view of the game’s future plans, check out Genshin Impact‘s four-minute roadmap trailer.

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