How to Find a Rotten Gourd in Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell - Rotten Autumn

Mortal Shell recently got the Rotten Autumn update, and with it came a brand-new item: the Rotten Gourd. So how do you get it? Well, there are actually two ways that I know of.

The first method is to simply pick one up from the rotting pumpkin area. This is a one-time pickup, meaning you can only get it once per playthrough.

Here’s a video of exactly where you can find it:

The second method is to kill one of the enemies wearing a Jack-o’-lantern head (shown in the image at the top of this page). These enemies spawn in randomly, so you might have to kill a bunch of enemies, then reset at Sester Genessa, then repeat multiple times before you find one. They’re kind of rare.

Additionally, not every Jack-o’-lantern will drop one. It’s a semi-regular drop, but it’s not guaranteed. That, of course, makes Rotten Gourds pretty darn rare.

And there you go, my Mortal Shell-loving friend. That is how you can get the brand-new Rotten Gourd item.

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