Mortal Shell - Rotten Autumn

Mortal Shell recently got the Rotten Autumn update, and with it came a brand-new item: the Rotten Gourd. So how do you get it? Well, there are actually two ways that I know of.

The first method is to simply pick one up from the rotting pumpkin area. This is a one-time pickup, meaning you can only get it once per playthrough.

Here’s a video of exactly where you can find it:

The second method is to kill one of the enemies wearing a Jack-o’-lantern head (shown in the image at the top of this page). These enemies spawn in randomly, so you might have to kill a bunch of enemies, then reset at Sester Genessa, then repeat multiple times before you find one. They’re kind of rare.

Additionally, not every Jack-o’-lantern will drop one. It’s a semi-regular drop, but it’s not guaranteed. That, of course, makes Rotten Gourds pretty darn rare.

And there you go, my Mortal Shell-loving friend. That is how you can get the brand-new Rotten Gourd item.

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2 months ago

The rotten gourds respawn all you have to do is ring the bell and go to the two spots where there’s pumpkins on the ground by where the grisha bosses are and there’s a chance for them to be there I’ve never gotten one to drop in the jack-o-lantern guys though I don’t doubt that they can drop this is serious misinformation

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