Red Dead Online - Halloween

Red Dead Redemption 2‘s Halloween event is here. While there isn’t the equivalent of Undead Nightmare 2 in these festivities (which is a shame), there’s still a lot of stuff to enjoy. Primarily, there’s the Dead of Night game mode.

What is Dead of Night?

Red Dead Online - Halloween

Dead of Night is a multiplayer game mode that plays out a little bit like a team deathmatch. But not exactly.

There are four teams duking it out for gunslingin’ dominance, and there are also zombies walking around the battlefield. These aren’t the mindless shamblers of Night of the Living Dead, though. These zombies are armed, and they will shoot on site.

There’s a bigger twist, though. Masks will appear, surrounded by a pentagram and a slew of enemies, and if you can claim a mask, you will become a Night Stalker. Night Stalkers have supernatural abilities, and they are armed with tomahawks and a machete. Kills earned as a Night Stalker grant double points.

Weapons for non-Night-Stalking folk are pre-selected (a revolver, a repeater, a double-barrel shotgun, the hunting knife, and a fire bottle), and your Ability Cards are disabled.

Oh, and you’ll also get triple XP and triple RDO$ for playing this game mode.

How do you play Dead of Night?

Red Dead Online - Halloween

This is a multiplayer game mode, so you’ll have to log into Red Dead Online to enjoy it.

Dead of Night is a Featured Series event, so access it by opening up your online menu (press left on the D-pad if you’re on PS4 or Xbox One) and scrolling down to the “Quick Join” option. Select “Quick Join,” then select “Featured Series,” and you should be good to go.

Are there cheaters in Dead of Night?

Red Dead Online - Halloween

So, this is the big question: Are there cheaters in Dead of Night? Well, I don’t know for sure, but it sure feels like it. And I don’t say this as a rank 12 newbie who just showed up. I have more than 550 hours invested in Red Dead Online, with a character at rank 244.

It does seem like there are people who will get the Night Stalker mask and just become unkillable. I’ve found people who I would pump two full clips of revolver ammo into and their health bar was only down by maybe 40%.

The thing is, getting the Night Stalker mask does make you virtually unkillable. You’ll soak up bullets like a sponge. The best way to kill a Night Stalker is as a Night Stalker (I have killed Night Stalkers with the shotgun, but it ain’t easy). So I think what initially feels like cheating is just the result of how ludicrously overpowered the Night Stalkers are. I don’t think I’ve actually encountered any cheaters yet.

Of course, I’m playing on PS4. I can’t speak to the PC crowd, but knowing how the PC Red Dead Online crowd rolls, I’m going to go out on a limb and say there might be cheaters.

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