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In The Survivalists, you can befriend and train monkeys to help you build, craft, harvest, and fight. Monkey training is actually one of the game mechanics that sets The Survivalists apart from other similar survival games (such as Don’t Starve).

Of course, part of the magic of building your team of monkeys comes from customizing them. You can change each monkey’s color (great for assigning monkeys different roles and keeping them organized), as well as giving them hats (once you discover the crashed plane full of hats). But did you know you can also change the names of your monkeys?

I assume it’s much easier to do in the PC version of The Survivalists, but in the console version, renaming your monkeys isn’t exactly straightforward. Well, I guess it is kind of straightforward, but the game never tells you how to do it. I think I put 30 hours into The Survivalists before someone on a stream asked me about it.

So here is how you rename your monkeys in the console version of The Survivalists.

Simply open your menu (by pressing the touchpad if you’re playing on PS4), then cycle through to your monkey menu (by pressing R1 or L1). Then just press triangle on PS4 (Y on Xbox One) to bring up the Rename Monkey box.

The Survivalists - Rename Your Monkeys

From there, just type your monkey’s new name and you are good to go.

So that’s how you rename your monkeys in The Survivalists. I definitely hope this guide helps people out, as it’s a great feature that I had been missing out on for way too long.

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2 years ago

But how do you do it on PC?

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