PlayStation Trophies

I never have — nor do I ever plan to — play a game simply to unlock its accompanying Trophies or Achievements. When I start a new game, I don’t even bother to look at the list, let alone chart a course to unlocking them along my playthrough. I just couldn’t care less.

This is in no way a disparagement against anyone that does enjoy seeking them out, and I won’t knock anyone for playing specific games just to mine a few easy ones. Have at it. It’s not my business to tell anyone how to play their games. It’s just that, for me, Trophies and Achievements couldn’t be less consequential in the grand scheme of things.

Part of this is because there’s currently no standard for how they are rewarded. That is to say, there are no guidelines for what sort of activities justify a Trophy or Achievement. In some games, you’ll have to accomplish a nearly impossible feat (like winning five events in a row in Fall Guys) or perform some monumentally tedious task (like getting 70 Gold Medals in story missions in Red Dead Redemption 2), while in others, you’re rewarded simply for playing through the game.

I just don’t understand the need to pop a Trophy for starting a game, or completing a story mission that you would have completed anyway if you played the game as expected. It almost feels counterintuitive, like the game is saying, “Thanks for playing. Sorry it took a bribe to get you onboard.”

I don’t need some arbitrarily unlocked digital trinket to spur me forward in a game’s narrative. I rarely even pay attention when a Trophy pops. “You just killed 100 enemies,” it might say. Great, I would’ve done that regardless. Killing bad guys, after all, is why I’m here.

Now, I did actively attempt to get a Platinum Trophy one time. I recall vividly listening to Half-Glass Gaming site owner Josh excitedly exclaim he was on track to pop the Platinum in Far Cry Primal. Josh’s enthusiasm was palpable, and the Trophy seemed attainable, so I decided to give it a whirl.

Far Cry Primal - Big Teddy

Well, let me tell you, it didn’t go so well. I was well on my way to unlocking the final trophy that would pop the Platinum, Big Teddy, which requires you to tame the great scar bear. And wouldn’t you know it, the dang game glitched out and the bear just died instead of giving me the chance to spare it and then befriend it. All of that work and planning went out the window because of a dumb glitch. I could’ve tried to start over, but that Trophy is in the later part of the game, so no way, Jack.

And with that, my first foray into Platinum Trophy hunting was my last. And overall, I think I enjoy my gaming time a little bit more without all that nonsense attached to it. Games already offer arbitrary goals and rewards; I don’t need any more useless incentives to play a game I am already going to play anyway.

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1 year ago

same here. i want to play game for just fun!

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