Genshin Impact - Klee

I recently got all grumpy about the end of the Ballad in Goblets event in Genshin Impact, since it wasn’t immediately followed by another wishing event. But just one day after the Venti event ended, a new wishing event was added.

The Sparkling Steps Event adds Klee to the game. She’s actually really fun to play, as most of her attacks involve throwing bombs. It’s a refreshing change of pace, since most of the other characters are archers or swordfighters or spellcasters (or stabby poker-pokes). The bombs thing actually does feel unique here.

Just like before, you should get a four-star (or better) character or weapon at least once every ten wishes, and there’s a pity system that grands you a five-star if you haven’t gotten one in 90 wishes. Klee, like Venti, is a five-star character.

Genshin Impact - Klee

Now, I should say that before you go whaling Genshin Impact, you might want to consider the fact that there’s an endgame grind that’s roadblocked by the game’s awful Resin system. It’s causing a lot of burnout in the Genshin Impact community. You might want to get to at least Adventure Rank 30 before buying up a batch of Genesis Crystals so you don’t end up dropping a bunch of cash on something you’re not going to play anymore.

Or just spend your money now. I’m not your dad, kid. Go for broke. See if I care.

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