Peachleaf Pirates

Peachleaf Pirates is described as “a story-driven RPG inspired by point-and-click classics that combines adventuring and casual farm-sim gameplay” by a recent press release. I love farming games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon (which means I’m super excited about Everafter Falls, but that’s a story for another time). Peachleaf Pirates definitely checks a lot of boxes that I like to see checked.

In fact, here’s a list of game features from the same press release I mentioned in the opening sentence of this article:

  • Uncover the secrets of the island: Solve puzzles and parlez with the kooky cast of locals to help save the ancient Peachleaf tree from evil in a puntastic tale inspired by the classic point-and-click adventures of yore.
  • Grow and harvest island crops: From Mango and Guava, to Chubaberry and Fairyplum. But be warned – goblins will happily steal any crops left unprotected, and the lush tropical climate can make your plants prone to disease.
  • Battle through the Temple: Explore the many floors of a mysterious jungle temple to find riches and rewards, but be ready for a fight – the temple is home to a LOT of not-so-friendly creatures waiting to mob you from every direction!
  • Raise bizarre animals: Bees make honey. Hens lay eggs. Dinoflies… erm, what do dinoflies do?
  • Master unique skills: Navigate and progress through your skill-trees to become a formidable voodoo spellcaster, a skilled swordmaster or sharpshooter, or an expert homesteader. 
  • Research, crafting, and recipes: Unlock an ever more amazing array of useful items, tools, and foods as you progress.
Peachleaf Pirates

The more I learn about Peachleaf Pirates developer Dog Kiss Studio, the more interested I become.

Dog Kiss Studio is a team of one; it’s really just the game-development moniker for Denmark-based Carl-Frederik Wibroe. And Wibroe has an unusually large list of accomplishments for a person who just turned 30.

Wilbroe has a degree in psychology. At one point he was a drill sergeant in the army, and at another he was a professional DJ. He also worked with lions and tigers in a conservation project in Africa. Somehow, he got into the hospitality industry, and it was there that his journey into game development truly began.

Wibroe, who is a self-taught coder, recalls:

I started creating Peachleaf while I was working in a hotel, where 12-hour shifts were the norm. My goal was to create a relaxing experience that I could lose myself in for a few hours after a long and rough day at work, without having to worry about gossiping co-workers, mean bosses, or angry hotel guests.

I can’t help but be reminded of Stardew Valley‘s opening when reading this quote.

Sign me up. If Peachleaf Pirates hadn’t already won me over, learning about Wibroe’s incredible life has really sealed the deal. I want to know so much more about the game, as well as the fascinating life of Carl-Frederik Wibroe.

You can check out the adorable trailer for Peachleaf Pirates below.

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