Red Dead Online

Another Tuesday has sauntered down the dusty trail, which means Red Dead Online has once again gotten a tiny Tuesday update. I’m a fan of Vitalism Studies, so my personal highlight of this week’s update is that you can now transform into a boar (and I’ve written a full guide on how to do that). Aside from that, there is a new Legendary animal, the Golden Spirit Bear, to kill and/or study.

Red Dead Online

If you want to get in on the hunt, the Golden Spirit Bear shows up in a mission from Harriet rather than just showing up in specific locations on the map (like the previous Legendary bear hunts). Like every other Legendary animal in the game, Gus will make you a special coat if you sell him the pelt.

If you can successfully complete the Golden Spirit Bear mission (by either killing and skinning it or sedating and sampling it), you will be rewarded with a coupon for 50% off an Established or higher Naturalist item.

Red Dead Online

On top of that, there are discounts on Naturalist role items this week, including a temporary price reduction in buying into the Naturalist role. If you want a deeper dive into the available discounts, check out the Dirty Tyeler video below.

Looking to level up quickly? Role missions are paying double XP this week. This includes Trader and Moonshiner sales, Legendary sighting missions, bootlegger missions, Harriet’s poaching missions, and Moonshiner story missions.

And, in keeping with Red Dead Redemption 2 update tradition, there’s a fresh login screen to welcome our new friend the Golden Spirit Bear into Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online
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