Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online gets a fresh update every single Tuesday. Often, this just means new discounts in the in-game stores and some bonuses for playing a specific Role that week. However, recent updates have been pretty substantial. Last week, for example, we got the ability to transform into a boar via Vitalism Studies.

This week, things are looking pretty sparse. The main focus this week seems to be the end of Outlaw Pass No. 3. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing else to enjoy, however.

Red Dead Online

A new Legendary hunt has been added to the game. The Legendary Ruddy Moose can be spotted in the Tall Trees area, though you’ll need to pick up the mission from Harriet to find it. Like the other Legendary animals, you can kill and skin it or sedate and sample it, and if you go the lethal route, Gus will make you a new coat from its hide. If you complete the mission either way, you’ll be rewarded with a free off-hand holster of your choice (below Rank 70).

Like the September 29 update, this one rewards you for logging in. If you log into the game this week, you’ll be rewarded with five Blending tonics and 50 rounds of Nitro Express ammo.

Red Dead Online

There are some discounts available for hunters this week. All baits are half off, while all shotguns (and the Elephant Rifle) are 40% off.

Really, that’s all there is to it this week. This week’s update feels especially scant, but perhaps that’s only because Rockstar is gearing up for a big Halloween update within the next week or two. At least, I hope so.

Oh, and the login screen was changed to welcome the new Legendary Ruddy Moose to the world of Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online
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