Season 3 of Red Dead Online’s Outlaw Pass Is Coming to an End

Red Dead Online - Outlaw Pass No. 3

We’ve come to the end, my friends.

If you’ve been enjoying Red Dead Online‘s Outlaw Pass, you should know that Season 3 is about to close down. October 19 is the last day of the pass, meaning its your final chance to earn all of the nifty season-exclusive rewards.

Rockstar is thanking participants by handing out some free goodies. If you purchased the Outlaw Pass No. 3, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • 10 Special Health Cures
  • 5 pieces of Lost Jewelry
  • 200 rounds of Sedative Ammo for your Varmint Rifle

If you’ve made it past Rank 50, you will be getting a couple extra items:

  • A pair of Griffith Chaps in your choice of colorway
  • A unique Caffyns Hat

If I’m understanding this correctly, this is for people who actually bought into the pass and not for those who participated in the free version.

Red Dead Online - Outlaw Pass No. 3

As this season closes out, a lot of fans are hoping that next Tuesday’s update will see the kickoff of Red Dead Online‘s Halloween event, which we only know about through data-mines and leaks (so take any Halloween info with a grain of salt until Rockstar makes an official announcement).

Personally, I’m really looking forward to whatever the next phase of Red Dead Online is. I love content seasons (even if they stress me out), and Red Dead Online‘s are particularly fun for me.

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