Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros

Just when we thought that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lineup couldn’t get any weirder, Nintendo announces that they’re adding Steve from Minecraft to the Smash Bros. roster (with Alex as an alternate costume apparently). I have great appreciation for both Minecraft and Smash Bros., so this news it welcome albeit perplexing.

Obviously, so much about the game has to change to accommodate this new character. In fact, it turns out that every stage in the game (of which there are more than 100) had to be adjusted to make room for Steve’s block-placing mechanic, according to Smash director Masahiro Sakurai.

I guess that makes sense. When Steve (and Alex) has the ability to build towers of blocks (and trap players inside tiny rooms), it’s hard to even imagine how that mechanic would start to work across stages that transition through phases, or how these blocks would impact stage hazards. But somehow, they did it.

Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros

I think Steve (Alex) is going to be ludicrously fun to play, and I can already see Steve being the ultimate troll in this game. With the ability to place blocks Minecraft-style comes the ability to invent creative torments on the fly. From blocking your opponents’ recoveries with a wall to building yourself a shelter where you can’t be reached, there’s going to be some top-tier trolling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Plus, the new stage looks incredible. It seems like the Minecraft-based stage that will accompany Steve’s arrival will have several different versions to account for Minecraft’s various biomes.

Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros

On top of that, the trailer shows appearances by a zombie and an enderman. Will these be Assist Trophy fighters or something else? We’ll have to wait and see. Apparently, Nintendo has some more information prior to Minecraft Live on October 3, as well as at some point in the future in a broadcast called “Fighting with Steve & Alex” (though no date was specified for that one).

I’m also guessing this means Steve will be getting an amiibo figure?

You can check out the Steve reveal in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video below.

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