At first glance, Sun Haven might look like your standard farming/life sim. Set in a once-prosperous trading town, your goal is to restore the town to its former glory. You can do this by growing crops, raising animals, catching fish, and getting to know Sun Haven’s residents.

However, a short distance away from Sun Haven, you’ll find another, stranger city. Withergate is a town populated by monstrous creatures and filled with strange technology. If you’re willing to venture beyond Sun Haven’s borders, you’ll be able to meet cool creatures, buy all kinds of items, and make some incredible discoveries.

Sun Haven is currently on Kickstarter, where it’s just slightly short of its $44,700 goal. Stretch goals include more NPCs and quests and the Elven town of Nel ‘Vari (which includes romancable Elven NPCs.) If you’re a fan of farming sims, monsters, and fantasy worlds, you’ll definitely want to check this title out.

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