KFC Controller

If you go to a Taco Bell in the United States, you can enter a contest to win an Xbox Series X. If you go to a KFC in the UK, however, you can enter a contest to win a work of art.

Yes, there’s a KFC-branded Xbox Series S/X controller, and it’s a thing of beauty. You can just feel the chicken grease oozing down the sides of this thing, gumming up the thumbsticks and causing the neighborhood dogs to line up outside your window to get a tasty lick.

Okay, I can’t do this anymore. This is the most terrible, stupid, awful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Not only is it terribly designed, but the text reads FINGER CLICKING GOOD (yes, that’s an LI, not a capital U, but that font makes it really hard to tell). I feel like someone made this as a joke.

And speaking of jokes, KFC did actually joke about making their own gaming console earlier this year (they even released a promo video for it). That was fake. This controller? It’s real. Dearest Zeus, help us all. Nothing means anything anymore.

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Resolute Customs
Resolute Customs
2 years ago

Saw this yesterday and those were my exact words. It’s awful and a kick in the teeth when you consider all the competitions the US gets.
US – we have a chance to win consoles.
UK – we don’t wanna win that thing.

2 years ago

Agree – that is about the worst. If they come with a Taco Bell one though

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