If you passed by the chaotic railroad-building game Unrailed!, you should really reconsider. Both myself and Half-Glass Gaming’s Julian have raved about how addictive it is.

“But Josh,” you’re saying. “We can’t play Unrailed! because it’s not out on Xbox One!” Well, you would have been correct yesterday, but today is a new day, and today, Unrailed! has landed on Xbox One. Now, Xbox One owners can push their way through a voxel-based world filled with trains and bandits.

You might consider picking up two copies, though, because Unrailed! is way, way better if you can play it with a friend. (There is, of course, a robot partner for solo players.)

You can watch the launch trailer for Unrailed! below, though it’s new. This trailer actually came out back in September when the game landed on PS4 and Nintendo Switch (it was in Early Access on PC for quite some time before this).

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