Streets of Kamurocho - Ichiban Kasuga

If you fired up Streets of Kamurocho (the Yakuza-based Streets of Rage 2 clone released for free to celebrate Sega’s 60th Anniversary sale on Steam), then you probably noticed there are three playable characters. The first, obviously, is Kazuma Kiryu, longtime protagonist of the Yakuza franchise. The second is Goro Majima, who is sometimes friend, sometimes foe, but always ready to throw down. The third option, however, is blacked out.

This mysterious third character is actually Ichiban Kasuga, the star of the upcoming Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

So how do you unlock Ichiban Kasuga exactly? Well, I’m actually not 100% certain, though I found he was unlocked after I had cleared the first round of Streets of Kamurocho with Goro Majima. If you really, really want to unlock him, try to clear Round 1 with Majima. I assume this works if you clear it with Kiryu as well, but I have no way to confirm this.

While Streets of Kamurocho might not blow you away, it is still a fun little way to pass some time. Even if, like me, you’ve played through Streets of Rage 2 dozens of times by this point, the Yakuza references are enough to make this worth 20 minutes or so.

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