Platinum Trophy seekers should definitely have the indie puzzle game Carto on their watch list. Not only is the game fantastic, but it’s also a super-easy, super-fast Platinum Trophy to add to your PS4’s digital Trophy case.

There are 19 Trophies in total, and you’ll get ten of those simply for playing through the game’s five-ish hour story. So if you can finish the game, you’re more than halfway there.

You will earn six more Trophies for collecting Special Pieces, which you’ll need for the Home Sweet Home Trophy. Here’s a complete guide to getting the Home Sweet Home Trophy, which includes a chapter-by-chapter index that will help you get the six Special Piece Trophies while you’re at it.

So once you pop Home Sweet Home, you’re at 17. There are only two more to go: Towering Intellect and Voracious Reader.

Towering Intellect is a cinch if you follow our guide.


Voracious Reader is also pretty easy. You just need to make sure you read every single book in the Story Chalet. You will visit the Chalet in Chapters 4-1, 6-1, and 8-1. When inside, simply read every book. Just approach every bookshelf and hit the action button (X on PS4) to read each book.

You can tell if you haven’t read a book yet because the bookshelf will have a glow and sparkles in front of it.


You will visit the Chalet one last time in Chapter 10-1, but you can pop the Trophy in 8-1. I also don’t know if the book in the main lobby counts toward this, as you would have to read it three times. Remember, it changes with each chapter. You might want to make sure you read this one every time it’s glowing to make sure you don’t miss one.

Otherwise, that’s all there is to it. If you manage to get all the side goals completed, you can complete this Trophy in a single playthrough (which takes about five hours). If you miss some, you can go back via Chapter Select. In some cases (I’m looking at you, Stirring Things Up and Frosty Friend), you’ll have to replay a good deal of the chapter to pop the Trophy, so it could take you a bit of time. Not a ton of time, but a little extra; I imagine you could probably grab all nine Trophies in about two hours using Chapter Select (since you should remember the solutions to all the puzzles, which will allow you to whiz through the required chapters).

If you’re worried about missing anything, just follow the roadmap laid out in our Home Sweet Home guide, and know that the other two Trophies should pop in Chapter 8-1.

And there you go. There’s your Master Cartographer Platinum Trophy in Carto!

(If you’re looking for more super easy Platinum Trophies on PS4, you might also want to check out A Hero and a Garden.)

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