Carto - Tower of Hanoi

In Carto, there is a hidden Trophy called Towering Intellect, which asks you to “Finish the three levels of the Tower of Hanoi in the fewest steps.” The Tower of Hanoi, in case you aren’t familiar, is an ancient type of puzzle in which you try to rearrange stacks of things. If that sounds like the situation you find yourself in when you reach Chapter 8 of Carto, well, that’s not an accident. There are three sets of Tower of Hanoi puzzles within Carto.

Here’s a complete guide to completing the Towering Intellect Trophy in Carto.

As I mentioned earlier, this takes place in the Story Chalet in Chapter 8. More specifically, this is Chapter 8-1.

Once you make it back to the Chalet, you’ll learn that Shianan has made a mess of the books, and the Storytender wants them rearranged. What follows is a sequence of three Tower of Hanoi puzzles. To pop the Trophy, you’ll need to complete all three in the fewest number of steps possible.

Carto - Tower of Hanoi

The first one contains two boxes of books, so it can be completed in three steps.

Carto - Tower of Hanoi

The second one is the hardest, since it contains four boxes of books. This requires fifteen steps (you can see the whole sequence in the video at the bottom of this article).

Carto - Tower of Hanoi

The third one looks intimidating at first, since it’s a tower of ten boxes, but it’s actually really easy once you know the trick. You can complete this one in a single move. Just go to the map view, grab the room containing the books, and move it to the right side of the Chalet. That’s it.

Here’s a video of the complete sequence of events:

And that’s how you earn the Towering Intellect Trophy in Carto. Unlike several of the other Trophies, this one does not give you a Secret Piece. The reward is simply the Trophy.

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