Marvel's Spider-Man

In Insomniac Games’ 2018 smash hit Marvel’s Spider Man, you can collect various suits for Spidey to wear during his adventure. At the time of this writing, there are 41 suits in total to collect (including the ones added in DLC), with three more on the way with the remastered version of the game (these new suits will eventually be coming to the PS4 version as well).

Most of these are pretty straightforward. You’ve got your torn suit and your mended suit. You’ve got your Spider-Man 2099 suit. You’ve got several Iron Man-like armored versions.

But some are a bit weirder. There’s a version where Spidey’s in his boxers, and there’s also a Fantastic Four outfit, only Spider-Man wears a paper bag over his head (which is a reference to the “Bombastic Bag-Man” costume from the comics).

Marvel's Spider-Man

Weirdest of all might be the cel-shaded suits.

There are actually two cel-shaded suits in the game currently. There’s the Vintage Comic Book Suit, which makes it look like Spider-Man swung straight off the pages of a comic book from the 1960s. But you can also earn the Spider-Clan Suit for earning 100% completion in the Turf Wars DLC. And let me tell you, this Spider-Clan suit is something else.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Because the world is rendered in a hyper-realistic visual style, the cel-shaded suits stand in stark contrast, giving the game a Who Framed Roger Rabbit? feel. Admittedly, I found it kind of off-putting, but it eventually grew on me. Now, I really enjoy swinging around and fighting crime while looking like a friggin’ cartoon character.

The animations look really, really good in this visual style, and it actually makes me yearn for a cel-shaded open-world Spider-Man game. (Yes, there was Ultimate Spider-Man back in 2005, but 15 years have gone by since then. I think it’s about time to revisit the concept.)

Since you don’t unlock the Spider-Clan suit until you’ve completed the second DLC, you won’t get to wear it for very long, unfortunately. But it does make for a good-lookin’ avatar if you decide to do a New Game Plus run.

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