Assassin's Creed Valhalla

If you’re interested in upgrading your gear to the highest level possible in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you’re going to need an absolute boatload of nickel, tungsten, and titanium. Thankfully, there’s a really easy way to get these resources.

Now, most of the time when I put together a guide, I do my own research and experimentation to figure out every little detail about how something works. In this case, however, I stumbled upon a video by TagBackTV that had such a good technique that I had to share it.

Note that you will definitely want to have the Advanced Assassination skill unlocked, and you’ll probably want to have the Auto-Loot skill as well. Both of these skills are on the Raven side of your skill tree.

So here’s the video:

Note that there are two locations shown in the video. The first one is where you’ll find your tungsten and titanium, while the second is where you’ll find nickel (and more titanium).

I did spend some time experimenting with this on my own, and I noticed that my luck is nearly not as good as his when it comes to getting the tungsten-carrying guard to spawn by himself and not in a group. I did, however, get one tungsten and usually 2-3 titanium every time I loaded a fresh save in the first location, so this absolutely does work in the current version of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (I’m playing on PS4, if that makes any difference).

As for the nickel location, I didn’t have to do all the extra busywork. I just cleared the Sancta Maria monastery, then walked to the correct area of the map and saved and reloaded. That caused the group of five dudes to spawn in, and the middle one was indeed holding nickel and titanium.

One thing to be aware of in this area, though, is that you might run into the zealot Heike, who has a power level of 250. Be careful.

However, I also found a better location for farming nickel. The methodology is the same as what’s shown in the video, except instead of going to Essexe, which has a recommended power level of 160, you’re going to the southern part of East Anglia, which has a recommended power level of 55.

You’re looking for this group of soldiers:

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The soldier in the center of the group is the one who should have the treasure. If you’re ever not sure where the treasure is, you can actually spot which enemies have treasure on them using Odin’s Sight.

This group can be found on the road that runs south of Beodoricsworth toward the Gallows Tree. Here’s the exact location where they should spawn in:

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Note that they will turn eastward before they reach the Gallows Tree, so if you arrive a little bit late, check over that way. It does seem like this won’t work if you have the Berserker questline active, so you might want to complete that first.

Oh, and if for some reason all of this ends up getting patched out, there are other methods for farming these resources. Here’s another video (also by TagBackTV) if you want to try this instead:

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3 years ago

If you change settings in interface like assassination animation and apply it reloads the game. The group respawns. Becomes very easy to farm. You keep the materials you have collected. I am trying to speed farm now. See if can just kill small shield and reload.

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