Watch Dogs: Legion - Josh Dalton

I’ve logged about ten hours or so in Watch Dogs: Legion, and although I have seen most of the city and engaged in most of the district challenges, I didn’t imagine I would stumble upon a spitting image (almost a clone) of the first character I played as.

I was running around as a spider drone during a mission, trying to pull off some espionage or something, when I suddenly stumbled upon a familiar person. I thought this was Josh Dalton, the first character I chose to play as when I started the game.

Considering your teammates can be seen walking about in-game when you are not playing as them — specifically when you switch operatives — I just assumed this was Josh Dalton, just doing some regular old Josh Dalton stuff. But when I scanned this person, it turns out their name was Leon Davis, a Board Director with multiple indictments for assault.

It was a double-take moment. Leon Davis was a spitting image mirror version of Josh Dalton, just see for yourself.

Here’s Josh Dalton:

Watch Dogs: Legion - Josh Dalton

And here’s Leon Davis:

Watch Dogs: Legion - Leon Davis

In the grand scheme of things, I expected some overlap in character models considering the sheer breadth of characters available to commandeer in Watch Dogs: Legion. But I would’ve imagined that — at least for characters that I would be intimately familiar with — the game might make some effort to lessen the likelihood that I would run into situations like this one.

Needless to say, I plan to court Leon Davis and see if he and Josh would like to get a flat together, maybe star in a reality show or something. An updated Odd Couple, but with twins!

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