I think it is safe to say that we will all remember where we were on D-Day. I mean, how could anyone forget such a momentous day? For me, D-Day was the day that I actually got a D on my Bar exam. I was trying to pass my spinning bottle finals while updating my bartender license when I got word that D-Day was occurring.

I quickly grabbed my jar of olives, kissed the professor on the cheek (as was customary when excusing oneself from the Bar exam), and rushed home. I knew I would only have a matter of hours to collect my D-Day satchel before I would need to put on my “I survived D-Day” T-shirt, which I would need to be wearing in order to get into the D-Day afterparty.

Of course, silly me, I ended up grabbing my P-Day satchel by mistake. I’m sure you can imagine the look on my face when I showed up to the D-Day afterparty with my P-Day satchel. Boy, did we all have a good laugh that D-Day.

Looking back on it now, I don’t think the D-Day arcade cabinet from 1982 quite captured the spirit of the actual D-Day. The real D-Day, of course, occurred in 2007, a good 25 years after the Olympia arcade game debuted. Figure that one out, you time-travelling hippies.

But that’s the magic of D-Day, really. I mean, what other day that begins with a D could even compare to D-Day? No other day — that is the answer, and it’s also a scientific fact, Jack, so don’t you dare talk back.

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