Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

If you’re trying to get the Crime Master Trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you’ll need to complete every bonus objective in every type of crime activity. I have a complete list of those objectives, if you need one.

There’s one objective that will likely become a roadblock, though: Stopping the car without taking damage. I’ve been getting some reader comments that ask about this specifically, so I figured I’d write a quick guide to document my observations.

Is the “Stop the car without taking damage” bonus objective bugged?

I don’t know if it’s bugged out, but it definitely feels like it is — especially if you’ve done this same objective in the previous game. There are a few reasons for this.

First off, when Miles is about to be damaged in this game, his Spidey Sense usually goes off within a decent enough window of time that you can plan a dodge. While you’re chasing the car, this is simply not true.

Second, you oftentimes take damage without there being any feedback at all. You won’t realize it until you’ve completed the crime and you see that you still haven’t ticked the box for this objective.

Third, if Miles touches the ground during the chase, he almost always takes damage.

Fourth, the triangle button prompt (to get onto the roof of the car) feels finicky. This was a problem in the previous game, and it’s a problem here too.

Fifth, you can occasionally take damage during the quicktime events once you’re on the roof of the car.

I actually recorded a couple failed attempts so you can see exactly what’s happening here.

Attempt 1:

In my first attempt, I took damage during the quicktime event (after pressing square). This definitely feels like a bug to me.

Attempt 2:

In my second attempt, I took damage three times while chasing the car. The first time was immediately after I’d hit the ground. The second was after there was barely any warning, and it actually looks like the bullet missed by a good several feet (you can see the tracer line whiz harmlessly by before Miles takes damage). The third, once again, had very little warning, though this one does look like it connects.

So how do you complete the “Stop the car without taking damage” bonus objective?

Here’s a video of a successful attempt at completing this objective:

Now, I don’t have a way to cheese this or to guarantee a win, but I can give you some pointers.

Try to start the crime activity with full health. Pop a heal if you need to. This lets you watch your health bar and better gauge if you’ve taken any damage or not.

If you see the Spidey Sense warning, immediately press the dodge button. I actually don’t have quick enough reflexes to actually pull this off in Miles Morales, though I could do it no problem in the first game. The dodge window is very, very small during car chases.

As you approach the car chase, try to stay a block off to one side until you’re almost on top of the stolen car. If you follow directly behind the stolen car, there’s a good chance you’ll take damage.

Try to not touch the ground if at all possible. I actually did touch the ground in my successful run, though in almost every other case when I touched the ground, I immediately took damage.

Try to reach the car as quickly as possible. If you need to, you can hop onto the cop car first, then leap to the stolen car.

You don’t have to complete the second phase (where you fight a second wave of enemies) without taking damage. Once you stop the car, you’ve either passed or failed the objective.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

If you can stop the car without taking damage, you’ll complete the most difficult bonus objective in any of the crime activities. This is honestly, in my opinion, the hardest crime challenge in all of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Good luck out there!

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3 years ago

I actually used camo in my successful attempt. I don’t know if it helped for sure. But after plenty of times trying and failing I’m just glad it happened.

2 years ago
Reply to  Saymon

Ha genius. Got it on my first try in stealth. Pretty sure the reason is so much harder to dodge is to force you into stealth.

Stephane Guedon
Stephane Guedon
2 years ago
Reply to  Saymon

J ai fait la même chose et sa a marché du coup

Darek Teale
Darek Teale
2 years ago

Hi , so I ACTUALLY managed to get it done and I am pretty sure you can’t actually dodge with the dodge button but you have to use the left stick to move to the other side of the car to avoid getting shot and then hit who you can while doing that, still tough but it might help others.

2 years ago

Figured it out and can repeat every time now.

When you get behind the vehicle, keep holding web swing (PS5 – R2) and mash dodge (PS5 – Circle) and you’ll keep moving forwards behind the car allowing you to get close enough for the prompt.

If the car turns take the time to refocus behind it then do the same mash dodge approach and you’ll get there.

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