Red Dead Online Updates the Bounty Hunter Role Next Week

Red Dead Online

After months of silence on the part of Rockstar Games (a silence that was inevitably filled by countless rumors), Red Dead Online‘s next game expansion is now official.

This one actually doesn’t bring us a new role (like the Naturalist update did), but it makes updates to the existing Bounty Hunter role. This adds ten new levels of progression, new Legendary Bounties, and “Prestigious level equipment,” whatever that means.

Seriously, what does that mean? We’ve not yet seen a role in Red Dead Online expand past the first 20 levels of progression, so I don’t have any precedent for making assumptions of what that might entail. My best guess is that this will be more equipment and gear that’s specifically tailored to the Bounty Hunter role (similar to the rewards for completing the first 20 ranks of the role).

All of this comes on top of the new Outlaw Pass (with 100 full ranks of progressions instead of the mere 20 of the Halloween Pass) and the standalone version of Red Dead Online. It’s going to be a huge week for Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online component.

Is this enough to entice me back to the game? As someone whose RDO playtime is approaching 600 hours, I think we all know the answer to that question. Of course I’m going back!

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