Red Dead Online

After the announcement that GTA Online was going to be a standalone game rather than an online mode exclusively attached to the single-player open-world behemoth Grand Theft Auto V, I suppose it was inevitable that Red Dead Online would be going the same direction.

This morning, Rockstar Games announced that Red Dead Online will be launching as a standalone gaming experience on December 1. People who want to hop into RDO but were wary of the $60 asking price can now do just that. Until February 21, the standalone version of Red Dead Online will cost only $4.99.

The standalone version of RDO will include everything that’s in the current version (including next week’s Bounty Hunter expansion and the Outlaw Pass), and will continue to be supported into the future. It’s basically the exact same thing a lot of us have been playing for a while now, only without the beefy single-player game attached.

I guess the one downside is that those of us who’ve been enjoying the solace of fairly empty servers will have to once again deal with the drama of playing this game with other people. Hopefully this doesn’t bring with it a slew of new game server issues (though really, we know it will).

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