Red Dead Online

If you’re anything like me, you log into Red Dead Online daily to complete at least a couple daily challenges. Since there’s a gold multiplier for keeping your challenge streak alive, this ends up being one of the most effective means of earning gold bars in the game.

And if you logged into Red Dead Online to do some dailies today, on Thanksgiving, you probably noticed two things:

  1. They’re very easy today.
  2. They’re holiday themed.

Yes, if you participate in the daily challenges, you will spend a lovely Thanksgiving with your horse. Here’s a list of the seven daily challenges (in the General section):

  • 0/3 Cooked Seasoned Plump Bird
  • 0/1 Crafted a horse care item
  • 0/2 Horse tonics used
  • 0/5 Horses fed
  • 0/5 Meats eaten
  • 0/1 Photographed your horse
  • 0/3 Turkeys skinned

As you can see, there’s a lot of feasting, a lot of turkey-related shenanigans, and a lot of bonding time with your horse. What a great holiday!

I forgot to write them all down, but Halloween had a similarly holiday-themed list of challenges, so we can assume the trend will continue. As Red Dead Online picks up fresh players (which it’s bound to do when the standalone version releases next week), it’s nice to think that those players will also get to partake in the bounty of holiday-themed challenges.

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