Watch Dogs: Legion

I’ve been walking around in Watch Dogs: Legion for a while now, and I gotta say, there’s something amiss with all these boats.

The first time I encountered the issue, I just assumed it was a silly little glitch. I was trying to flee from the lower deck of a waterfront building. When I jumped into a boat to hightail it outta there, I simply landed in the water and began wading literally through the hull of the vessel.

Weird, but perhaps it was just a prop for the mission that wasn’t intended to be piloted.

Watch Dogs: Legion

But the second and third times I came across this, I decided I needed to document this phenomena and expose it to the blistering light of internet video game journalism.

Or whatever.

Really, it’s more odd than troublesome. I mean, I would prefer that boats worked, especially since boats control rather well in Watch Dogs: Legion. It also would come in handy, since two times out of the three that I came across this bug, was during missions while trying to make a James Bond-esque exit.

I expect it to be patched in a future update, but for now I guess I’ll stick to cars and motorbikes when trying to vamoose.

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