Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Today, in the early hours of Thanksgiving, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was updated to version 1.05 on PS4 and 1.005 on PS5. The patch notes (as shown in the PS4 console menu) are vague: “Various additional fixes.”

I’m not sure what this means, exactly, but there’s one thing a lot of us have been waiting for: the Stolen Vehicle objective, which I’m pretty sure was bugged. The previous patch failed to address this, so I was crossing my fingers that 1.05/1.005 would be the ticket.

So was this fixed? Well, yes and no, but maybe? I think? It actually feels like in the first phase (when Miles is chasing the car) that I can now consistently get to the stolen car without taking any damage at all. On the other hand, in the next phase (where Miles is riding on the roof of the car), I find myself taking more damage than I was before. In fact, one time, while I was webbing the baddie on one side of the car and stuck in that lengthy animation, a baddie popped out of the other side and was able to deal damage.

But it does feel like the first phase is easier now, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say this patch at least attempted to address this.

Of course, this is anecdotal, and it could be that I just ended up triggering a few really easy versions of the car chase independent of the patch.

If you go to Insomniac’s official website, you actually get a more thorough breakdown:

  • Fixed various issues where the screen could go black while changing Time of Day
  • Fixed an issue where players could not change Suits in Photo Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the weather did not change correctly when selected by the player
  • Improved stability

I don’t see the car chase mentioned at all here, and that sort of thing wouldn’t fall under “improved stability.” So I’m guessing that any car chase fix might have just been my imagination? But I will say I was successfully able to land on the roof of the car multiple times without taking any damage, and the robbers in the car seem less willing to fire their weapons in that first phase than they were before. That feels like a change to me, but, like I said before, it’s possible I just had a string of good luck in my holiday gaming session.

In the meantime, good luck, all my fellow car-chasers. May your holiday be filled with Spider-Man and successful objective completion.

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