While browsing on the Steam storefront — something I do almost daily now that I’m part of the PC gaming crowd — I stumbled upon Teardown, an Early Access game I’d not heard of before this point, but I suddenly knew this was the game I’ve always needed in my life. Just one look, folks, is all I needed.

I love games with environmental destruction, especially ones where it is highly encouraged. Games like 2009’s Red Faction: Guerilla or to a lesser but just ambitious extent 2006’s Black, to say nothing of seminal classics such as Minecraft or it’s zombie-survival brethren DayZ and 7 Days to Die.

So when I saw the trailer for Teardown, which is both published and developed by Tuxedo Labs, I think I reached gaming Nirvana. I mean, just check out the trailer below and marvel at the level of voxel-based environmental destruction this game offers. Marvel, I say!

The basic gist of Teardown is that you are a thief tasked with, well, thievery. You have to steal a set amount of keycards, but once you grab the first one, you have 60 seconds to get the rest of them. The hook is that you can destroy anything the mini sandbox maps throw at you in any fashion you see fit to create the smoothest, shortest route to victory. And once you start the heist proper (by nabbing the first keycard), you’d better pray you got it all right so you can obtain your mark and split before the fuzz shows up.

Yup, Teardown is exactly the game I need.

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