Red Dead Online - Halloween Pass Extension

If you still haven’t checked out the Halloween Pass in Red Dead Online, you’ve still got a couple weeks to do so. The Halloween Pass was supposed to end on November 16, but it’s now been extended to November 30.

While I suppose it’s nice to be able to keep celebrating Halloween beyond Thanksgiving, the pass is pretty light on content. With only 20 ranks, you could grind through it in a few hours. I’d completed mine within three days, and that was of just pretty casual play (I haven’t been investing the kind of time into Red Dead Online that I was earlier this year).

If you want to know more about what’s included in the Halloween Pass, I did a complete breakdown of all its content.

I just wonder if this means that Red Dead Online will be getting a new Outlaw Pass (or perhaps a Christmas-themed pass) come December? One can hope.

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