While I’m always interested in new Sims gameplay, I spend a ton of my Sims time playing dressup. I’m always looking for an opportunity to give my Sims a makeover and spend hours in Create-A-Sim (CAS). This The Sims: 4 Snowy Escape CAS review will go over the hairstyles, accessories, and clothing offered in this new winter-themed pack.

There’s a pretty decent range of feminine hairstyles here, from casual updos to trendy styles to more formal looks. The hairstyle below is easily my favorite style of the pack. It looks like something aharris00britney, one of my favorite custom content creators for The Sims 4, could have designed.

Many of the styles here have colorful two-tone variants, which means you’ll be able to create a wider range of Sims. I’m still eagerly awaiting the release of the skintone and hairstyle update, but it’s nice to have styles like this in the meantime. Sadly, there isn’t a two-tone variant of the barrette hairstyle pictured above! All of the standard women’s styles are available for children as well, but unfortunately, you can’t give kids two-tone hair.

The hair options for men are a lot more limited. There are just three new styles in this pack, and one’s just a shaved head. There’s one more masculine style available for children, but if you’re hoping for more masculine hairstyles, this pack might leave you disappointed.

There aren’t many accessories in the pack, but there are a few nice options, like a new set of wire-rim glasses. I was hoping this pack would include some earmuffs, knit beanies, and other cute winter hats, but there’s nothing like that here; only helmets and goggles.

Thankfully, the pack does include plenty of other winter clothing options. There are snow pants, knit sweaters, and puffer jackets that look like they’re straight from Aritzia. While these items are available in more neutral shades, there are also plenty of loud prints and patterns.

There isn’t a ton of traditional Japanese clothing in this pack, but there are some options, which means your Sims will have something to wear to the new Mount Komorebi festivals. Some of the other outfits here — like the adult sized school uniforms — look like they could function as workwear for a restaurant or shop.

This pack may not have a lot of masculine hairstyles, but there are some pretty decent clothing options for men, including an array of jackets and some extremely cozy-looking oversized sweaters. Since clothing in The Sims 4 isn’t gender-locked, these pieces can be worn by any adult Sim.

The clothing options for kids and toddlers are more disappointing. There are a few very nice pieces (like the adorable toddler outfit with a built-in backpack pictured below), but most of the adult pieces haven’t been sized down. It’s always a struggle to find winter-appropriate gear for my Sims kids, and I was hoping this pack would offer a little more in this department.

While I would have liked to see more content, I’m pretty happy with The Sims 4: Snowy Escape CAS overall. So many of the new pieces stand out from the content that’s already in the game. I love having more sweaters and jackets, and I’m a big fan of having baggier styles for my Sims to wear.

If you’re only interested in new hairstyles or clothing, you’d probably be better served by a Game or Stuff pack. However, if you’re interested in skiing, snowboarding, and hot tub excursions, these pieces will be a welcome addition to your collection. I’m a big fan of The Sims 4: Snowy Escape so far, and I’m excited to move beyond Create-A-Sim and see more of its gameplay.

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