Mafia Map Size

Have you ever wondered how large video game world maps are in comparison to one another? Have you ever spent time thinking about, for example, how large Skyrim‘s map is compared to Red Dead Redemption 2‘s?

Well, YouTuber MrRanker clearly has, and I present the Video Game Maps Size Comparison Map video as evidence.

In this video, more than 60 game maps are adjusted for relative size and show side by side. You’ve got everything from Rocket League‘s soccer fields to the near-endless star systems of Elite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky. The video came out in September, but it still manages to squeeze in games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 (neither of which would have been out when the video released).

Oh, and there was a 2019 video too, but the 2020 video was updated with more recent titles. I definitely hope this trend continues in 2021.

You can watch MrRanker’s full comparison video below.

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Julian Watkins
3 years ago

I was kind of surprised to see games as old as just cause two and that need for speed Hawaii open world game beat out current games especially as large as Ubisoft games seem

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