Yes, Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace is a pixel-art kingdom-management game that has you making tough decisions about what to do with the kingdom’s limited resources. The game first launched for PC in March of 2020, and it arrived on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in June.

Now, thanks to the folks at Super Rare Games, Yes, Your Grace is getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch. This physical edition includes:

  • Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
  • Interior art
  • Full-color manual
  • Exclusive sticker
  • Three trading cards

Note that the trading cards you get will be random, but Super Rare lets you buy more if you want to make sure you get the full collection.

Yes, Your Grace

Only 4,000 copies will be printed, so head over to the Super Rare website and secure your copy right away (well, not immediately — pre-orders go live on November 12).

You can check out a trailer for Yes, Your Grace below. And in case you’re wondering, the trailer music is by the band Merkfolk.

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