Rat Buying a PS5 Online

Here at Half-Glass Gaming, we’re certainly not strangers to the sting of trying and failing to acquire a PS5 this holiday season. But Best Buy’s mid-December announcement gave us reason to hope once again.

You see, on December 14, Best Buy announced that they’d be releasing more PS5 stock the following day “sometime after 8 a.m.”

Well, we were wrong to hope, my friends. On December 15, precisely at 8 a.m. Central, the Best Buy site went down. Well, it was sort of going up and down for a while, sometimes showing users a message that said, “We’re sorry, something went wrong,” or a blue screen that said “Sorry, it’s crowded in here.”

And then, at about noon Central (which, to be fair, is still “sometime after 8 a.m.”), stock appeared to suddenly show up. I even managed to get a PS5 into my cart. However, at this point, there was apparently a queue of some sort. I waited for about 20 minutes with my transaction pending before I finally got a warning message saying the item was no longer available for pickup in my area. Sweet.

People are frustrated. I’m frustrated. But I’m also wondering who to even be mad at here. Should I be upset with Sony for not producing enough PS5s? Yeah, I suppose. How about Best Buy, for not having an up-to-date online shopping experience during the holiday season? Them too, I guess.

But I don’t know. I guess this isn’t the worst thing in the world. In fact, it’s far from the worst thing that happened in 2020. It still sucks to let Twitter marketing goad me into jumping through Best Buy’s weird hoops, which still resulted in not getting a PS5.

And, I mean, this is the same Twitter account that posted this gem:

We’re not exactly dealing with geniuses here.

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