Cyberpunk 2077

Lured in by the glitzy promise of pre-orders goodies, I went against my inclinations and bought a physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077. Much to the credit of Amazon, it was delivered before 10 a.m. on launch day, giving me ample time to jump in and play to my heart’s content before comments sections and forum threads fill up with exaggerated claims about how much the game sucks or how much of a masterpiece it is.

Except one thing: The data disc, according to my PS4 Pro, will take nine hours to install the 45 GB of data needed to play the game. That is to say nothing of the day-one patch, which people are reporting is massive, or any additional install files that may lie in wait on the play disc (I am, of course, hoping there are none).

So by the time Cyberpunk 2077 is fully installed and ready to play, it might actually literally be 2077. In which case, who needs the game when I can just live it?

At least the bugs should be fixed by then, though.

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