Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This year, I’ve found several video games that are doing really interesting things with music. There’s Mortal Shell‘s bangin’ lute jams, for example, and don’t forget the longship shanties in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

But there are some musical artists who are using video game footage to do some neat things as well. For example, Minneapolis-area musician Joey Novacheck (of the band My Mom’s Guitar, as well as a personal friend of mine) did a cover of “Ryland (Under the Apple Tree)” by the band I’m with Her, then combined it with footage of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The result is the most gosh-darn chill thing you’ll see all day. Put this on when you go to bed and it won’t be long before you’re drifting off into a world of pleasant dreams — dreams of catching fish and eating delicious apples straight off the tree, or maybe of hanging out with your favorite Animal Crossing villager.

Check it out for yourself to see what I mean.

Here’s the original song, in case you want to compare them:

Plus, if you want to check out more of My Mom’s Guitar’s unique blend of midwestern banjo-heavy folk, check them out on Bandcamp.

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