Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online. I want to say you either love it or you hate it, but that’s not really true. I think it’s probably more accurate to say that you hate loving it, because it’s a really cool game world that has a compelling gameplay loop attached to it, but Rockstar just keeps making frustratingly bad decisions about our favorite parts of the game.

I say this, of course, after having spent more than 600 hours in Red Dead Online. I keep coming back to it, no matter what happens, and I’m sure that won’t change anytime soon.

Red Dead Online

That said, one of the positive things that was recently added to the game is the ability to cook multiple cuts of meat simultaneously (the downside, of course, is that you have to purchase the Outlaw Pass No. 4 to acquire it).

It’s not a difficult feature to use, but it’s one that the game doesn’t really explain until you’re already deep inside the cooking menu. So I’m going to quickly walk you through it.

Note that I’m using the PS4 version of the game, so I’m working off the DualShock 4 controller here.

First off, you need to be at a campfire. You can use the campfire at your camp, find a campfire out in the wild and press triangle as you approach it, or use the Wilderness Campfire from your menu wheel (if you’ve earned it from doing the Naturalist role, that is).

In the campfire menu, press the square button to bring up the cooking menu. Find the cut of meat you’d like to cook, then press the X button to cook it. After you’ve completed your first cut, the option appears to cook another. Here, you can press L3 to change the quantity.

Red Dead Online

Update: When the feature first launched, you actually had to cook a piece of meat before you could use Efficient Cooking. However, a later patch made it available before you cook the meat (which is how it should have been from the start).

So there you have it. That’s how you use the Efficient Cooking ability to cook multiple cuts of meat at once in Red Dead Online.

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