Lamentum game

The nineteenth century was a frightening time. The Krakatoa Volcano erupted, killing thousands. New York and Chicago were plagued by devastating fires. Mansions were overrun by cosmic horrors.

That last part might not be true, but it is the case in Lamentum, a Lovecraftian survival horror game. You play as Victor Hartwell, a desperate young aristocrat in search of a cure to a deadly illness. The owner of the mansion has researched many ancient texts and forgotten sciences, but his knowledge has come at a price.

Little by little, you’ll uncover these secrets as you explore the mansion’s dark halls, with only a lamp to light your path. Before you can find the answers you seek, you’ll need to evade — or attack — the many terrible monsters that have infested the mansion.

Lamentum looks like it will be a must-play for fans of the Cthulu mythos and pixel horror games. It’s currently scheduled to be released on Steam sometime in 2021, which means it shouldn’t be too long before you can start exploring this dark and spooky mansion.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Lamentum below.

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