One Lonely Outpost

If Starbound could be described as “Terraria in space,” then One Lonely Outpost might be said to fill a similar niche for Stardew Valley. I should point out that I’m not the first person to make this comparison, but really, it’s so hard not to. “Stardew Valley in space!” was the very first thing I thought when I watched the One Lonely Outpost trailer (some of the vegetable sprites look alarmingly similar).

One interesting twist on the now-tried-and-true farming sim formula is that your character starts off alone. As you grow crops and make the settlement more livable, more characters will eventually arrive, growing your colony. This is a refreshing departure from the “character shows up in an established small town and slowly becomes integrated into the community” trope that was popularized by Harvest Moon back in the 1990s.

One Lonely Outpost

Any Harvest Moon-like worth its salt contains a good deal of quirky-yet-loveable characters, and One Lonely Outpost really has the “quirky” part of that equation locked down. Only time will tell if the “loveable” part is also well-executed. Here’s a brief description of some of the folks you’ll meet:

Meet Sally, the psychologist sent according to government regulation to make sure everyone stays sane – too bad she’s afraid of people! Aaron is a friendly guy with two robotic hands and a can-do attitude for fixing everything, as well as helping with your gauntlet. Jim Bob arrives with his daughter Elisha in the hopes of an adventure, and good life experience for his little girl along the way. Chuck is an ex-corporate spy that is supposedly retired, and frankly no one has any idea what he’s doing at a colony, but one thing is certain: he’s the cranky old lady across the street from hell (or so he says).

Oh, and there’s also the ability to genetically engineer your own crops and farm robot cows.

Aurorian Studios ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign for One Lonely Outpost back in September. Not only did it raise the $80,000 it was initially asking for, but it met several tiers of stretch goals as well, adding robo-cow customization, more transportation options, and PlayStation and Xbox support.

One Lonely Outpost is planned for a late-2021 release, so add it to your Steam wishlist if you want to keep your eye on it.

You can watch the Kickstarter trailer for One Lonely Outpost below.

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