Red Dead Online - Christmas

If you’ve been moseying about in the winter wonderland that is currently Red Dead Online, then you might have noticed a little bit of extra holiday cheer today. That’s because the daily challenges have been ever-so-subtly themed after Christmas.

Here are the daily challenges for December 25, 2020:

  • 0/3 Cooked Seasoned Pork
  • 0/1 Other players photographed
  • 0/1 Petted a dog
  • 0/1 Posses joined
  • 0/1 Times became drunk
  • 0/1 Used an emote on a local
  • 0/3 Used an emote on a player

Now, you sort of have to squint your eyes real hard to see this one. And really, the thing that tipped me off here was that Red Dead Online recently got all turkeyed out on Thanksgiving, and their Halloween celebration was quite a thing. They also had Halloween-themed challenges, but I was so busy having the worst delivery run of my entire life that I forgot to jot down what the challenges were that day, so I can’t give you the specifics.

So holiday challenges are very much a tradition in Red Dead Online. But I do have to say, these ones are kind of weak. I mean, I guess people eat roasted ham on Christmas, so Seasoned Pork is about as close as you can get in the game. And some of us become drunk and pet dogs during the holidays, but I don’t associate those with Christmas so much as just things that are fun to do.

The social stuff is maybe what Rockstar was really going for here. Taking photos of other players, interacting with them via emotes, and joining a posse are in-game ways to spread holiday cheer, I suppose. And you can even spread that cheer to NPCs if you want (by emoting at them). I should point out, however, you can still pop the challenge if you give them the middle finger, you old Scrooge.

Also, is it just me, or does Harriet seem extra forgiving today?

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