No PS5 for You

During my most recent fruitless attempt to buy a PS5, Sony basically gave me a middle finger for all of my wasted effort.

Like presumably millions of other saps, I spent much of my afternoon on December 18 waiting my turn in a queue on the PlayStation website, only to not buy a PS5. Patiently I sat, willing to exchange $500 for a console that quite possibly doesn’t even hold that much entertainment value, let alone a batch of games good enough to justify its existence this early in its lifespan.

And after watching the minutes slowly tick away, I was met with an update that let me know all available stock has been sold out. I wasn’t surprised, in fact, the surprise would have been if I had been able to purchase a PS5. I’ve been down this road before, friends.

What stung more than anything else, though, was the love letter that Sony saw fit to grace me with:

Sony PS5

Of all the nerve, Sony had the gall to suggest that, even though I was unable to get my hands on a PS5, I might as well buy a PS5 controller or game to tide me over, since they have plenty of those both in stock.

Talk about a kick in the teeth.

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