Rat Buying a PS5 Online

It’s not really a secret that some of us Half-Glass Gamers have been trying to get our hands on the ever-elusive PS5 this winter. Not only have I been working on this fruitless endeavor, but fellow Half-Glass Gaming alumnus Julian has been as well.

So when we found out that Sony was going to have some stock in the PlayStation Store today, we hopped online to check it out. This stock was supposed to arrive at 2:30 p.m. Central, but we managed to log in about 15 minutes early. There there was already a queue.

The process here is a weird one. You get your place in line, then watch a countdown. Once the countdown hits, you’re placed in another queue, where only a certain amount of shoppers are let into the store at a time. My wait time was estimated to be over an hour.

Sony PS5
Sony PS5

A mere 26 minutes after the stock had arrived, the message was updated to let everyone know that the PS5 had once again sold out.

Sony PS5

I decided to stay in the queue anyway, on the off chance that someone had one in their cart and then backed out of the store for some reason. My hope was in vain, as when I finally got into the PlayStation digital storefront, there was naught but a sold-out store page waiting for me.

Sony PS5

I guess this is for people who miss waiting in long lines for products in the leadup to Christmas. What a world we live in where we can now have that same experience online!

While admittedly not great, at least Sony’s experience is much less chaotic and frustrating than Best Buy’s. I’m starting to think that Julian is right: Sony should probably only sell their PS5s direct until there’s enough stock to go around.

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