Fae Tactics

I have a weak spot for pixel art, and when you add pixel art to a gaming genre I’m already super into — like roguelikes or survival games — then you’ve really got my attention. So when I stumbled across Fae Tactics, which is a pixelated tactical RPG, I got kind of excited.

Of course, what really sealed this deal for me was the trailer’s music. You see, this reminds me quite a bit of Wild Arms, which had one of the greatest game soundtracks ever.

Even aside from the incredible art and the well-chosen trailer music, the gameplay in Fae Tactics looks great. People seem to enjoy it well enough too.

Fae Tactics is currently available on Steam, and a Nintendo Switch version is supposedly on its way (I’ll probably hold out for the Switch version myself).

You can check out the Fae Tactics trailer (with its awesome music) below.

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