The Holiday Season Has Arrived in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online - Christmas

Never one to miss an opportunity to celebrate the holidays in style (even if it’s just a teensy bit of style), Red Dead Online is getting festive just in time for Christmas.

Most noticeably, the game world is covered in a layer of snow, from the desert of New Austin to the swamps of Lemoyne to the woods surrounding Strawberry (shown in the image above).

To celebrate this snowy season, Rockstar is handing out some winter-themed items to players who log into Red Dead Online during the festivities. Just for logging in, Red Dead-heads will get a coupon for a free coat and one for a free repeater. On top of that, gunsmiths will be handing out winter-themed variants of the Evens Repeater for free, and selling the Krampus variant of the Double Barreled Shotgun.

There are also supposedly some seasonally appropriate events in Showdown series, though I haven’t checked those out yet myself.

The event starts today, December 22, and I don’t see any official confirmation of an end date. My best guess is that this will all be over when the game gets its weekly update next Tuesday (December 29).

Until then, happy holidays!

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