Skater XL

Although I was pretty lukewarm on Skater XL when it first landed on the PS4 in July of this year, it slowly grew on me. In fact, I might even say that it became one of the most engaging gaming experiences of 2020 for me, especially once I started posting skate videos.

But even that ended up being short-lived, since I burned through its launch-version content, which was admittedly light. And, considering I’m playing the PS4 version, mods were off the table.

Thankfully, Easy Day Studios have granted me one wish this holiday season: a seemingly sizeable content update for my favorite skating sim. Even better, it’s right around the corner; this update arrives on December 16, 2020.

The update is adding what I am hoping is a bevy of character content, as well as — drum roll please — new maps. I am not holding onto the hope that Sony is finally going to allow an open mod ecosystem on the PS4, though that would be awesome. If all this update contains (at least on PS4) is a collection of cultivated community/creator content, I genuinely hope that it will, at the very least, include a handful of better-designed levels and a ton of clothing and board options.

Skater XL is a truly special game that was mostly just lacking meaningful content to back up its stellar skateboarding gameplay. With this December update, I’m hoping it becomes the game it’s always deserved to be.

You can watch a trailer for the December 16 update for Skater XL below.

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