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I’m not much of a sports guy, so if you tried to show me an article about how to jump higher in real life, I probably wouldn’t read it. I would assume right off the bat that it would require a bunch of physical training, which is something I don’t generally care for.

But a basketball training article that lets me jump higher in the hit free-to-play video game Genshin Impact? Now you’ve got a stew going, baby!

Paimon Stew

I actually found that exact article on a basketball training website today. It’s called “How to Jump High in Genshin Impact,” and it’s on a website called

So, first off, I should point out that I only discovered this because the basketball training site actually linked to Half-Glass Gaming, and I get notifications when other sites link our content.

Secondly, this content is almost certainly written by a bot. Bots writing content is a thing, but they’re actually quite bad at it. This article is a great example of just how bad they actually are at creating web content. Don’t use bots to write your content, folks.

Thirdly, I’m not going to link back to that article. However, I will provide the URL if you want to check it out for yourself. Here it is:

So, the very first thing I found when I arrived at the basketball site is this thing of beauty:

Crypto Ad

That has nothing to do with basketball or Genshin Impact. It’s not a revolving banner ad, though; this sucker will survive multiple page refreshes. I think it’s safe to say that the grift here is pretty clear. They want you to click on their crypto banner because either it will give them some sort of affiliate kickback, or because they’ll steal your data. Don’t click this banner.

As we get further down into the article (which we have to scroll a bit to even see), we get here:

Ganshin Impact Warzone

That image is a little bit low-res, but it looks to me like it came from Call of Duty Warzone. I mean, that’s the BCH TV station, isn’t it? (I admittedly haven’t played Warzone in a couple months now, so my memory of Verdansk is already a bit hazy.)

Next up is a series of videos. Here’s the first one, which is actually basketball-related. Well, I didn’t actually watch the video, but it looks more basketball-related at a glance than either of the other two things I’ve shared so far.

Vert Shock

Unfortunately, that won’t make be any better at jumping in Genshin Impact (and I have serious doubts as to its ability to make me better at basketball). It does make me curious as to who the world’s #1 dunker is, and it’s also giving me a craving for a Dunkaccino.

Ah, word association…

One of the videos is actually about a high jump glitch in Genshin Impact, so I guess this might be where you learn how to jump high. I’m not going to watch the video, though, because I don’t want this site to steal my cryptocurrency passwords.

And then there’s a video called “Wouldn’t Skyrim Horsing Be Faster? Jump Up Mountains Genshin Impact.”

Ganshin Impact Skyrim Horsing

I have to admit, I almost did click on this one, Bitcoin be damned.

Eventually, you get to a section of images that are selected (by a bot, I’m sure) for their relevance to the term “Jump High Genshin Impact.” This is where our image is, and this is how we ended up getting a linkback from this weird, bot-generated basketball training site.

With as much content as I’ve written about Genshin Impact (including detailed guides and grumpy rants), I figured they’d probably grabbed a Genshin Impact image from us. Well, I was wrong.

Despite the dozens of Genshin Impact images we have here on Half-Glass Gaming, they managed to use one from Breath of the Wild. You can’t make this up, folks (but bots can, apparently).

Breath of the Wild Basketball Training

I appreciate that they at least credited us for the image, but I hate to break it to you that you’re not going to find intensive training here at Half-Glass Gaming.

But you will find great content about video games. And that content will be written by human beings instead of bots. And we won’t even try to steal your cryptocurrency passwords.

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