Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever is here at long last. The greatly anticipated follow-up to indie darling Super Meat Boy (which is ten years old now, if you can believe it) has landed on Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch (with PS4 and Xbox One versions due out in January).

So what about fans of physical goodies? Will there be a physical edition of Super Meat Boy Forever on Nintendo Switch?

It turns out there will be. Limited Run Games announced it via Twitter way back in July.

So it’s as official as it can be. Super Meat Boy Forever will indeed be getting a Limited Run physical edition on Nintendo Switch. I haven’t been able to find a concrete time frame for when this might happen, and Limited Run stuff usually happens a while after any digital launch. If you want to play Super Meat Boy Forever right freaking now, then you should probably just bite the bullet and pick it up digitally.

But if you are planning on holding out, know that Limited Run has your back. Eventually. They always do.

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